SIMPLY ESTHETICS - Life is short , your lashes shouldn't be !


Simply Esthetics provides Edmonton's highest quality lash extensions, and full Esthetic Services. 
Our Individual Lash Extensions Consist of 3 materials: Synthetic, Silk, and Mink Fur. And a variety of different thickness, lengths and curl. 

Lash extensions are applied by a certified technician. Simply Esthetics technicians hold certifications and have a minimum of one year, hands on experience in the field. The application process involves a under-eye gel pad being applied to your under eye (to hold down bottom lashes, and get rid of dark under-eye circles!). Your eyes are then closed for the entirety of the application. Our lash technicians carefully, and isolate each individual natural lash, and then pick up one individual extension, and adhere it with our adhesive specially formulated for use around eyes. We carry a variety of different strength Adhesives that can be used for every clients need. The application is painless, and most women find it very relaxing. The variety of lengths, thicknesses, Curl and lash types we carry make any lash style easily achievable. Using what lengths and thicknesses will suit 
your eyes, and the look you wish you achieve.

Only the best quality Silk  lashes and  adhesive used. 
All Eyelashes are semi-permanent. We do not count our lashes.
We apply an eyelash extensions to every natural lash you have .
Different Curls and thickness of Lash are used to customize the desirable look for each client.

( Includes Full Eyelash Extension Kit)

Join me for a full day training . This service is fast becoming high demand among the public.
Eyelash extensions frame & accentuate the eyes adding stunning density to the natural lash & lasting up to 6 weeks with fill ins every  3 weeks.

All of our classes are taught  one on one with live models. A model can be provided at no extra cost if needed. Your instructor will be with you and only you every step of the way. If by the end of your day  you do not feel comfortable or need more instruction a day can be added to your training to ensure you leave confident and ready to start your new career. 

What you will receive:

> * Training on application
> * Safety considerations
> * Trade tool identification
> * Pre & aftercare knowledge
> * Client application considerations
> * Live model application
> * Advanced Lash kit & manual
> * One on One Training
> * Lash Training Certificate
> * Training sessions must be booked in advance as
       classes are  kept to a minimum.
> * A 50 % NON  REFUNDABLE deposit is required in advance
      to book your place.

All of our Classes are taught one on one with our Instructor, this will provide our Students the highest success rate out in the Industry. We believe that our Students will learn best if Instructed one on one.

Application techniques taught:

Classic Certification Program

Classic course teaches the basics of individual eyelash extensions, through to expert styling, texturing, and more! Your lash work will stand above the rest right out of this master developed program.
Certification Program is ideal for:
·         Those with no prior experience in eyelash extensions
·         Lash Artists wanting to take their eyelash education and skill level to an elite level
·         Lash Artists wanting to make an amazing living making clients look and feel their best!
The Course is broken down into 14 comprehensive class-modules. This is not your average lash course — this is a master developed program to give you the ultimate in knowledge, skill, and confidence to gain you a booming clientele right out of our program! Our course covers every aspect of classic lashing including:

Module 1: Lash Extensions 101. History, Industry Growth and Innovation

Module 2: Product Theory and Safety Information
·         Eye Anatomy and Lash Growth Patterns
·         How to use all curl types including B, C, D, L, and L+ lash extensions
·         How to choose appropriate length  of lash extensions for your  client
·         How to ensure client’s lash health remains optimal at every fill appointment
·         How adhesive works, and lash adhesive myths
·         Using the correct amount of adhesive
·         Dipping Eyelash Extensions & Lash Placement for optimal bonds
·         Theory on Lash cure misters - no more waiting 24 hours to get lashes wet!
·         Theory on Primer, Cleanser, and Remover

Module 3: Sanitation
·         Sanitation vs Sterilization
·         Procedure for technician hygiene
·         Procedure for tool sanitation and work space sanitation

Module 4: Common Eye Conditions and Contraindications
·         Eye conditions and treatments
·         Eyelash Extension Allergy warning signs and procedure

Module 5: Work space Set up
·         Lash Extension “Palette” options
·         Adhesive Placement options
·         Setting up an Efficient work space for quicker lashing
·         Disposable brush and wand set up
·         Lighting and magnification

Module 6: Client Prep
·         Lash Shampoo
·         Priming the lashes
·         Neck Support
·         Gel Pad/Silicone Eye pad application
·         Advanced Gel Pad troubleshooting techniques

Module 7: Lash Style Guide
·         Determining Eye Types
·         Eye Shape
·         Eye Set
·         Bringing Symmetry to unsymmetrical eyes

Module 8: Lash Application FULL SET
·         Isolation of Natural Lashes
·         Signature 5-step Lashing Method
·         Style Mapping
·         Layer-Lift technique for enhanced lift and fluffiness
·         3 unique bonding techniques to extend difficult natural lashes
·         Extending curly, super straight, and wonky natural lashes

Module 9: Advanced Classic Lash Techniques
·         Mixing Curl types within eyelash Extensions
·         Capping and Stacking
·         Adding Profile Volume

Module 10: Fill Appointments
·         3 step procedure for fill appointments
·         Adding fullness at fill appointments
·         Increasing length at fills
·         Decreasing length at fills
·         Troubleshooting shed patterns

Module 11: Removal of Eyelash Extensions
·         How to remove Individual lashes or a full set

Module 12: Marketing and Business Set up
·         How to effectively advertise and market your lash business
·         Getting your business off the ground: essentials to any start up
·         Business Builders
·         Photo taking tips
·         Retail items

Module 13: Aftercare of Eyelash Extensions

Module 15: Marketing your Eyelash Business

 As a BONUS all students receive:

·A complimentary KIT valued at over $360 
·Business Building sheets such as: waivers, client record sheets, lash style record sheet

Basic Kit Content

> Carrying Case
> 1 Black Glue 5ml
> 10 Eye pads
> 1 Scissors
> 1 Electric Fan
> 1 Straight Tweezers
> 1 Curved Tweezers
> 1 x 8mm .20 C curl Lash Tray
> 1 x 10mm .20 C curl Lash Tray
> 1 x 12mm .20 C curl Lash Tray
> 1 x 14mm .20 C curl Lash Tray
> 1 x Manual
All models are free of charge and may be required to stay up to 3 hours on training days. 
All  models have to be provided by the Students unless specifically requested to be supplied by your Instructor.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

What are Volume Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions? lashes is a sustainable volume eyelash technique developed in Russia that is now spreading to the USA and Europe. Several ultra-lightweight lashes are applied to each individual lash in a way that does not excessively strain the natural eyelash like older techniques such as layering or feathering. x D creates a larger bond area with less glue for stronger, longer lasting extensions. A common misconception is that 2 x 0.10mm lashes are equal to a 0.20mm lash, this is not the case. Proper training allows you to work out the correct number of smaller gauge lashes to use instead of the thickness you would use in one-on-one application. 

Advanced Lash Training 

CLASSES  EVERY Sunday of Each WEEK!! Far beyond the basics - This Class is for SEASONED Lash Artist who have mastered the Classic first. 1 : 2 - 6D Natural Lash to Eyelash Extensions You Will Learn Various Different Volume Techniques 2 - 3 D Lashes 3 - 6 D Lashes My Signature Technique Lash Artistry in Designing ...Your Volume Set Tapering Technique for Speed Different Ways & Positions to Work More Efficiently Getting Rid of Bad Habits Design Techniques Plus All these little tricks and tips you need to know to help work and perform with ease Besides several Lash Techniques that will demonstrated during this training, We will go over Marketing and Business Tools to help you achieve success. After you have your Certification that doesn't mean you are finished.... You will be encouraged to keep contact with Us and many others in the industry that We have trained to help you keep up with the latest trends and newest information in the Lash Industry. We truly wants to help you succeed. As your success is her success.

This class includes volume tweezers, 1
2 lash trays of your choice in .07 volume & 5ml of volume adhesive plus 20% off any products you purchase that day. And Certification upon completion

Application techniques taught:
> 1* Product & Theory
> 2* Volume & curl
> 3* Client Prep
> 4* Lower Lash line eye gel pad  protection
> 5* Tool  & Work Area sanitation
> 6* Marketing
> 7* Client Talk
> 8* Sanitation Procedures
> 9* Eyelash Removal
>10*After Care



Training Format:

Workshop, consisting of 2 Modules

Module 1 – Eyebrow Shaping and Extension (Theory):

– Eyebrow physiology and structure
– Decontamination, Safety practice and First aid
– Eyebrow extension shaping and styling
– Eyebrow shape corrections with eyebrow extensions
– Eyebrow extension care

– Demonstration and explanation of eyebrow extension procedure
– Legal aspects of eyebrow extension business etc.

Module 2 – Eyebrow Extension Procedure (Hands-on):

– Correct posture and hands’ positions
– Techniques of eyebrow extension application
– Technique of eyebrow extension alignment
– Technique of eyebrow extension(s) removal
– Eyebrow extension refill criteria

Any method used during the module is initially demonstrated to the students and then practiced by the student under the teacher’s supervision


Certification is awarded upon successful completion of the module(s).

Included in workshop fee:
One full day of eyebrow extension workshop, mini-training on eyebrow tinting/dying (on demand), student’s worksheets, client’s consents, all of the products used during the course, tweezers and extension and glue holder rings, completion Certificate and any applicable taxes! Full kit included


All kits have high quality eyebrow extensions ( 5 eyebrow extension shades included ) glues and glue remover, tweezers etc.


Private courses are given at your convenience.
Semi-private and Group classes available as well.

Distributed by SimplyLash


-Simply Esthetics uses only the highest quality lashes in the industry. Some are made in North America, and others are imported.
-We use the safest, most luxurious adhesive to ensure your eyes are not only safe, but pampered with our lashes.
-We use under eye gel pads at each appointment (opposed to tape), to hold down bottom lashes. These gel pads add collagen and elastin and reduce under eye circles so not only will your lashes look amazing at the end of your appointment, but also your whole eyes!
-All of our techs are certified and have a MINIMUM 1 year of experience of hands on work doing lashes.
-We don't charge "per lash" but instead believe every woman deserves to have the fullest, most stunning lashes that her natural lashes will allow!
-Our satisfaction guarantee! 

- Remove all eye make-up at least one hour prior to your appointment.
- If you wear contacts, bring your case to put lenses in during the application process.
- Shower the morning of your appointment (lashes shouldn't get wet for 24 hours after application, so showering right before your appointment is best!).

- Absolutely not! The application process is most likely the most relaxing thing you can have done in the esthetics world, minus a relaxation massage! Lots of woman fall asleep. You don't feel a thing.

- Not at all. We use only the highest quality adhesive, specially formulated for use on eyelashes. It has all ingredients listed with both the FDA, and Health Canada. If you have had friends tell you they have had eyelash extensions damage their natural lashes, chances are they went to a place where they were using below standard product, or were inexperienced at applying eyelash extensions. Our eyelash extensions DO NOT affect your natural lashes!
- We carry lengths ranging from 8mm to 16mm, and a variety of thicknesses, colors, and materials and Curl . We custom create a look specifically designed for your eyes, and create the look you are wanting. Whether it be a soft, natural look, or a glamorous diva lash set!
You are also never stuck with anything, you can go longer or shorter at each fill if you choose!

- Fullness all depends on what you have naturally. Simply Esthetics does one extension onto each one of your natural lashes. This ensures the health of your natural lashes by letting them shed with their normal cycle. If you have sparse natural lashes, your extensions will also be more sparse but will still be 1 on each natural lash which makes a huge difference. If you have a ton of natural lashes, you will also have a ton of extensions. We take each woman as full as her natural lashes will support. 
- A full set  of eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks, however if you are wanting to maintain your lashes it is recommended you come back for fills betwen 2-4 weeks. Lash virgins won't last as long as Lash Addicts, but as you get used to maintaining your lashes, they will take longer to shed.
For the first 24 hours after receiving your lashes you should avoid:
-any eye make-up
-steam (hot tubs, saunas, etc.)
-touching or rubbing your lashes
-anything oil based near your lashes
After the first 24 hours you should avoid:
- anything oil based near your lashes
-rubbing your eyes/pulling on your lashes
-sleeping on your face or rubbing your lashes into your pillow (we sell protective sleep masks for rough sleepers!)

-You are never stuck with anything! If you would like to upgrade to a different type of extension type, book a "removal + full set" of the extension type you choose. We won't charge for a removal, just for your set! 


- You can come back to Simply Esthetics  and have a certified professional remove the remaining lashes, or you can wait for the lashes to shed naturally! 

Is the product FDA approved? Is it safe?Do Eye Lash Extensions damage natural lashes?

Eye Lash Extensions cause no damage to the natural lashes. The adhesives have been developed to exacting specifications. The top priority was ensuring a thoroughly safe product so we chose to follow the standards set by the US Medical Industry and top US Surgeons. The main ingredient in all of our adhesives is the same ingredient used for suture-less wound closure. These adhesives are the perfect blend of safety, longevity, flexibility and strength.

I strongly believe that eyelash extensions are best applied by individuals who are already trained in areas like sanitation, safety and health issues.
(to close skin wounds without stitches). The application process is pain-free and relaxing. In fact, many clients fall asleep during the procedure. However, improper application by an unqualified technician can cause damage to your lashes, eyes and eyelids. Do not trust your eyes to just any technician. To find a Certified Eye Lash Extensions Stylist in your area.

At this time, the FDA does not regulate Eyelash Extensions since they are solely applied to the lashes and do not touch the skin.

The primary ingredient in all three of  Eyelash Extension Adhesives is the same ingredient used by plastic surgeons in the U.S. for suture-less wound closure.